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First of all, What is PEX?

It’s simple – PEX is a type of plastic. More specifically, it is high density polyethylene. And while it may be very new to you, PEX has been around the plumbing industry for a long time! PEX pipe has been successfully used in Europe since the 1970s, and was introduced into the United States in the 1980s.

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What’s Better – PEX vs Copper?

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Both PEX and Copper have specific advantages, and to find out which is best for you and your home will depend on several factors. Let’s take one at a time: PEX first. PEX has many advantages over both metal pipes (like copper), and rigid plastic pipe installations (like PVC). The PEX pipe is flexible, and can be easily installed with fewer connections and fittings – which means less chance for leaks, and less walls to open in your home! It is highly resistant to both scale and chlorine, and won’t corrode. It is also resistant to freeze-breakage, and allows water to flow much more quietly, so there isn’t any water hammer. And perhaps most importantly, PEX routinely costs less.


PEX Pipes

PEX vs Copper – The Advantages of the Gold Standard

While both PEX and copper pipe offer quality plumbing systems for your home or business, many view copper as the gold standard in plumbing, and we understand why – it’s been around forever and is a consistent performer. And when it comes to water inside your walls, a consistent performer means peace of mind! When properly installed, and when the right fittings and type of copper pipe are used, a copper plumbing system should last for decades with no problems.


Copper Pipes

Installation of PEX vs Copper

Beyond what we’ve discussed here, there are also numerous issues based on your particular structure, its construction, and the type of water in your area that can indicate whether copper or PEX is right for you. That’s why you need to consult with a repipe specialist, who can adequately explain all of the factors pertinent to you and your home. The question of installation though is another major issue. For instance, if you have someone not certified by the PEX manufacturer install the system in your home, all of your warranties can be voided. And when it comes to copper installation, only the best craftsmen will do. Each cut of pipe must be deburred properly, to prevent future leaks or accelerated erosion.

For PEX or Copper There’s Only One Choice!

Repipe Specialists has been doing nothing but repipes for over two decades! We’ve done more than 30,000 homes across several states, and most of our business comes from referrals from previous, happy customers. Every technician we employ at Repipe Specialists has received special training and certification to install PEX in your home, from the manufacturer, so we do it right. And the crews that do the copper repipes are all experts with a foreman on each and every job. Because we maintain the highest level of quality with both PEX and copper repipes, we are happy to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the repipes we do!

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Customer Testimonials

"I wish to thank each of you for excellent, prompt service when repiping my home. I’m very, very pleased with the workmanship. The plasterers work could only be described as excellent. It was a pleasure to witness men taking such pride in their craft. I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending your fine company!!"

- D. Wyatt

“Recently we had our pipes replaced with copper pipes. Your people were prompt, efficient and neat. Everything was cleaned up before your men left and the openings and tile were replaced as promised. Thank you! P.S. We have already recommended you to our friend and will not hesitate to refer you again.”

- A. Joseph

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